NEXT STEP-the expansion of HTC stablecoin protocol in financial derivatives and RAB token
The definition of an algorithmic stablecoin is: a stablecoin that adjusts the total amount of market token based on an algorithm, increases market supply when the price of the stablecoin is higher than the price of the anchor, and recovers the supply when the price of the stablecoin is lower than the anchor price. Or to provide arbitrage space to balance stablecoin prices. The establishment of this model can be applied to all valuable affairs including fiat money, services and commodities, and controlled by the will of the market and algorithms. The market is also called flexible token.
The above mechanism to ensure the stability of the token price by adjusting the supply is "rebase". It means that When you choose a stablecoin, you can create arbitrage space with the anchor. F
or the first time, HTC.CASH migrated the algorithmic stablecoin protocol to be anchored with HT, realizing the expansion of stablecoin algorithm in financial derivatives. For details, please refer to here.
In the next step, HTC.CASH will cooperate with the community to launch a community exchange to create a financial derivatives exchange based on the stablecoin algorithm: that is, HTC is the stablecoin, and RAB is the exchange platform token to participate in governance and realize the HTC stablecoin agreement Arbitrage and extension on more HECO assets.
Take HT arbitrage as an example:
Here is an explanation of the distribution and use of RAB:
    60% RAB will be produced by liquid mining after the launching exchange.
    20% will be allocated to the developer community and unlocked in 4 years.
    10% will be allocated to investors and consultants unlocked in 4 years.
    10% will be airdropped to attract traffic:
      HTC.CASH community airdrop: 50,000
      Early supporters of the community: 35,000
      Community expansion: 200 people total 1000
      Airdrops to overseas communities: 5000.
      Bounty airdrop: 5000
      Basic liquidity: 4000 pieces, injected into to provide basic liquidity and will never be removed.
    RAB community airdrop: 50,000
      Airdrop to the RAB community before RAB starts its liquidity mining.
Among them:

Please note: HTC project does not have pre-mining, RAB does not have any investment value.

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